Bushfire versus rainforest I.

 A scene that looks like a pretty orest during autumn in the northern hemisphere…but in fact this is a rainforest post the fatal Feb.7 bushfires in Victoria.  This fire took 21 lives and over 200 homes.

 Further up the ranges away from the human toll there is another…  After a rain event of 20mm several days before this shot and the creek is now juxtaposedly flowing with it’s margins beginning to green up. Walking along these margins I saw some surviving wildlife and wallabies as this is the only source of any food for further than the eye can see… I guess they are also some of the luckier ones…though how some of this wildlife survived I have no idea !



 ‘burnt rainforest gully’ – 2009 Gippsland,Vic.

~ by Tony Middleton on March 10, 2009.

12 Responses to “Bushfire versus rainforest I.”

  1. Wow Tony, totally unreal looking. Looks like something out of a movie set. Wish I could see this one bigger. Such devastation…

  2. that sliver of green is incredible, it doesn’t take much to bring it back

  3. I agree with Cody, so otherworldly, like a movie set or a painting. It’s brilliant I really like it and those touches of green are a great touch of hope

  4. you’ve done a damn good job with this shot Tony!
    how you managed to make something so horrible look so good I don’t know.
    i think it also has such a great message in it with the touch of green winding through the scene. a glimmer of hope/life.
    hopefully you get some good rains this winter to give it a good boost 🙂

  5. With every ending there is a new beginning, I guess that is the message that could be taken from this photo. As Flemming said, the green could signify a touch of hope.


    Jamie Paterson

  6. This looks like a painting… It is an awesome image, mate.

  7. Its sad to think that the best photos come from major disasters and this is one of them, great shot Tony.

  8. Cody – Yeah it was very surreal scene, especially when you know the areas ! Sorry about not posting larger on the net buddy..the detail is pretty cool !

    Cain – Many areas will come back relatively quicky, others where it burns very hot will take many many years or the more opportunistic species will prevail over some slower regenerating (if at all) rainforest species… This has been a key in the ‘natural’ encroachment of Eucalypt woodland type species over rainforests in Australia’s botanical history.

    Flemming – Thanks mate, I was wondering what people would think o this type of work…Your feedback is appreciated.

    Stephen – Cheers mate..I think there is always hope…I’ve photographed bushfire scenes over many years as I feel it is a key part of life in Vic. Similar to say tropical cyclone’s in the north of the country. It’s just not necessarily a subject that people would buy – especially after the tragic events of this year. But none the less it is an intrguing subject and great ‘art’.

    Jamie – Thanks mate…hopefully it is not ‘that’ long before most of the affected regions look green again..

    Beau – cheers Beau !

    Casey – Thanks Casey – glad you like it !

  9. I really like the composition of this picture, a little but unusual which makes it special. Thanks for the tip, you’re definitely right about using the polaraizer, it becomes extremely hard to stitch the sky. I won’t be so lazy and might try shooting without it next time 🙂

  10. I prefer the lush green shots mate, we are a bit over burnt stuff at the moment. In about 5 years it will be magic there.

  11. Great shot Tony.

    What’s happening here ( with the regeneration ) is the same that has occurred for countless century’s.
    It’s unfortunate that people have suffered from this event, as this would have happened with a lighting strike many times over the century’s.

    My comment is meant to take nothing away from what has happened , as nature has had no hand in this one.

    With the climate in this area regeneration will be quick and strong.

  12. Life finds a way 🙂

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