Liquid gold…

 I took this one a few days ago as the bushfire at Wilsons Prom was being fanned by 80km/h ENE winds and it really got going. It was looking quite strong all afternoon with a constant stream of pyrocumulus pouring up from the the blaze. Later in the evening I found myself witnessing this amazing scene and light.


‘Liquid gold’

~ by Tony Middleton on February 17, 2009.

12 Responses to “Liquid gold…”

  1. Amazing…

  2. that water looks weird, nice one. Were on th prom is that? My wifes sisters partner is fighting the fires at the prom at the moment. He is a ranger there.

  3. cheers Christian – The water was breathtaking…glimmering gold as windgusts swept across it, yet just to the right of that gold ‘shaft’ it was metallic blue !
    The prom got closed the day after the blaze started (8th feb) So I took this one from the other side of Waratah bay.. Latest info has it as having crossed the main road and is uncontrollable with crews being withdrawn from the fire front. Four days of 70-80km E-ENE winds having it going nuts and burnt about 25% of the park thus far ! (my estimate)

  4. wow, the sun’s reflection very much divides this shot. incredible

  5. yeah that water is amazing!
    the ripples.. just stunning.

  6. Gotta love that wild Bass Strait weather, looks like a sunset from Darwin, nice work Tony

  7. Wauv, that water is just incredible weird and amazing. Never seen water behave like that. Good stuff Tony!

  8. Cain – yeah it was pretty awesome !

    Stephen – thanks stephen !

    Michael – cheers mate !

    Flemming – Wauv ? It certainly was one of those moments of incredible light ! I was just in awe of how breathtaking it was. 🙂

  9. A couple of noticeable stitches along the horizon but apart from that, the light is stunning! 🙂

  10. Hi Beau,
    thanks, I know there is a notable stitch that I didn’t fix to the right of the sun but the others are plays of light in conjuntion with the smoke reflecting and sweeping across the water. I swore they were stitch errors as well until I viewed the individual images up close ! PTGui HATED it !

  11. Morning Tony,
    Love the shot. I think you’ve captured it really well, there is something very touching about the subtleness of the surrounding colours combined with effect of the water.
    Glad to hear you survived all the fires.

  12. Hi Bree,
    Thanks for stopping by with such a wonderful comment. It certainly was one of the moments of light that I will remember for a very long time !
    take care,
    tone 🙂

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