somber sunset…

This is not a somber sunset due to it’s colour…more so as it is looking in the direction of some of this w/e’s killer bushfires still raging through my beloved Victoria. The colour to my north through to the east was simply amazing this evening…I had little motivation to go and photograph it…as I know I am looking at the sky which underneath there is over 100 bushfire victims. and thousands homeless – lives shattered and changed for ever.  So I just looked off my balcony… with an empty feeling on what has been a gut wrenching w/e for all Victorians. Eventually I got my camera out and took this quick pan… An estimated 350 000 hectares  (that is 350sq km’s !) has been burnt in less than 36hrs…countless blazes still burn out of control…the largest has a 80km long fire front.


Thoughts, hearts and hugs to all…


‘somber sunset’ – 5 image stitch, EOS 5D mkII.

~ by Tony Middleton on February 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “somber sunset…”

  1. I know what you mean Tony, …it’s a sickening feeling.

  2. Thanks Jim – it’s just shocking isn’t it ! Normally I would be going bananas with a twilight such as this, positioning myself in a perfectly thought out location – instead i just stood with an empty gut.

  3. Everytime I reload the death toll has increased. It’s shocking and terrible. The clouds and colours are amazing here, but yeah when you know the cirumstances it would just cause you to stand there in shock.

  4. I just logged onto this morning to see that 108 are dead so far. This is just unbelievable and a terrible tradgedy.

    Jamie Paterson

  5. tis a sad day.
    one that no one will really forget.
    even over here in WA there is a feeling of emptiness.
    really just can’t believe what we’re seeing coming across can be real…it’s just so horrific. even more so can’t comprehend fully what’s happening.

    definitely all my thoughts, and i know alot of others are with you guys over there. hopefully it will come to an end soon… looks like more hot weather on the way though 😦

    take care man and hopefully it stays away from you and your friends/family

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