the TBDO… (Tony Birthday Day Off)

Well today is my birthday and having it this time of the year is great as I have never gone to school or worked on thanks to Australia Day and occassions where the long w/e public holiday don’t favour me I take it off anyway.
I was planning to do a chopper flight over the coast here this morning as a special little treat but it is currently very overcast despite the hot forecast for the day…so I may have to do it later on or another day this week.

So in a bit of contrast I’ll post a shot I have been holding onto for a while. I love this shot for a few reasons, planning, the event, and the fact I got it right !
This from a spot where the creek only flows in earnest after big rainfall events which only occur 1-2 times a year. I forecast one of these and camped there whilst 120mm fell overnight – just the right amount to enable me still to just be able to access this spot, yet it still be in this spledour. So it was an unreal seeing the event unfold and then the gorge be transformed into a new type of magical place. With it still pouring with rain I hid under an ancient rock overhang that has been used for shelter for thousands of years. I shot this on my 6×17 and it was really a hard exposure in difficult conditions to try and get right and I feel very happy with this result.


β€˜under the ledge’ – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.

~ by Tony Middleton on January 27, 2009.

10 Responses to “the TBDO… (Tony Birthday Day Off)”

  1. Happy Birthday Tony. Hope you have heaps of pressies and fun.

    Jamie Paterson

  2. Happy Birthday mate, mines next week and was always the first week of school! Sounds like a well planned trip that paid off as the results speak for themselves. I always wait awhile after rain, so the river and waterfalls clean up a bit from debris or silts that give a brown tinge to the water. Do you use your digital camera to work out correct exposure or a light meter?

  3. happy birthday Tony.

    very nice composition, and great to see your plan worked.
    bet you had a huge smile on your face the whole time! what a feeling! πŸ™‚

  4. Happy birthday, mate. Hope you get some good shots from the chopper flight! πŸ™‚

  5. Happy bday Tone !!! Congrats on getting that shot, that is good work! It is a super composition placing the waterfall into context, I like it!

  6. Happy Birthday tony ,
    Nice shot as well like the composition wish we had some more waterfalls here

  7. Nice framing with the shot Birthday Boy.
    Wont be shooting any waterfalls for a while, 41.3 outside in Halls Gap, saw Nhill got 44.

    Happy B’day.

  8. Hey Tony,
    Getting any smoke?
    Not a good situation to be in, still sweltering at this end of the state with no real relief forcasted.

    Stay safe,

  9. Jamie – thanks mate ! not many pressies these days. 😐

    Michael – cheers and Happy B’day for you too. There is no time to wait for this one to ‘clean up’ ! It’s such a short catchment that it almost stops flowing before cleaning up. In fact during the space of that morning it dropped almost 2 ft in depth and it was still raining the entire time.

    Stephen – thank you, and yes I did. very fun !

    Flem – thanks buddy ! wooohoooo !

    Kirk – cheers, yeah WA is not overly blessed in this department (majority of it anyway), but it has other jewels….make the most of those πŸ™‚

    Tom – thanks mate.Being hot down here too with the last 3 days being 40.7, 43.7 and 42.3. very hot for on the south coast. The fires are to my east in the ranges (not far from where I once lived). I know one guy who lives near Boolarra near where 11 houses were lost yesty – not sure how he fared yet. It’s smokey this morning with it being a bit easterly but generally the winds have pushed the smoke away from us… The last 2 days have seen the smoke plume crowned with pyro-cumulus when it has exploded with erratic fire behaviour. I hope they can be contained before the threaten anymore houses,property or people and before they spread into the SE Strzelecki ramparts – I love the forests there !

  10. Yeah its a terrible time for those guys down there.
    Hopefully they were able to capitalise on the cooler conditions and humidity last night. Sometimes you just have to forget about the fire front, do asset protection and just let the fire make its run.

    I remember here in Jan 2006 the pyro-cumulus building through the day to the point where it starting making its own weather, lightning etc. And the fire spotting 15km ahead of the front, nothing you could do.

    Hopefully the possible thunderstorms don’t spark anything else in the state.


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