Well with it snowing in the nearby ranges a few weeks ago summer has reached us in earnest now. Monthly rainfall sitting on 3mm (ave for Jan 49mm) and the landscape looking pretty darn dry! (see header image). This week sees forecasts of mid-high 30’s and 40’s possible – Who said it is always cold in Vicco ?!
Photographically the light has been deadset boring…but not to complain as this weather makes living on the coast a treat. So I have found myself taking a few shots during the middle of the day (which is something I normally shudder at the mere thought of). But it is this clear midday sun that shows how inviting water and beaches look for a majority of the day.
So I guess this is a peep of somewhere I may very well wander down for a dip or snorkel today…


‘summer days’– 5 image stitch, Canon EOS 5D mkII..

~ by Tony Middleton on January 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “local…”

  1. “(which is something I normally shudder at the mere thought of)” heh yeah, me too. The curving lines in this composition are quite interesting. That would be a great place to relax and have a nice cold Australia day beer!

  2. Cool man, I`m sending over some more hot weather now!

  3. You can have all our 40deg from WA if you like,take them and keep them.. This one looks a bit over saturated to me , but a nice summer scene.

  4. Lovely scene, good shot and that curve makes for an exciting composition for the eye.

    I tend to disagree about middle of the day photos, there’s too much emphasis on golden hour light and not being able to shoot at any other time of the day. Yes, some days the light can be so harsh it is next to impossible to shoot at midday. But only at midday will the sun penetrate and light up the water like this. And midday is great for black and white! Outback landscapes can be very effective I find at midday to show the dry, harsh, hot climate.

  5. Beau – cheers mate…I ended up goign for a walk around the coast and along there with a friend…no beer though 😐

    Michael – haha no need as it looks to be a hot week with Melb’s 7day forecast looking at… 38,41,40,40,40,31,30 ! a traditional heatwave ! huge week for bushfire threats in vic !

    Merv – cheers. 40’s are fine as long as we get some storms with them in particular.

    Flem – thanks mate…you know it’s just one of those spots that are on your doorstep and someday you just need to photograph like this instead of the golden hour stuff.

  6. lovely beach and very nice shot Tony!
    wish i was close to something like this! 🙂

    hope the week goes well with no fires, some pretty nasty temps in store for you there

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