Private jetty…

I took this one in late 2008… Having walked to this spot many times thinking that the light would be good only to find it being a ‘bust’. So on this occasion I decided on a different approach and headed there on a big tide at dusk with the vision of shooting it to be a long exposure B&W.


‘private jetty’– Fuji G617, Velvia 100.


~ by Tony Middleton on January 24, 2009.

8 Responses to “Private jetty…”

  1. Nice Tony, how long was the exposure?

  2. Is the new header from the kitchen window?

  3. Nice but I have to say I find the b&w somewhat flat, I would like it a bit more dramatic. I find that very soft light doesn’t work all that well in b6w as there’s no contrast, no shadows. Could do with a bit of Lightroom work 🙂

    Like the new header, pure nostalgia for me, could almost look like an image from my everyday life in my childhood.

  4. Michael – the exposure was about 15 minutes..haha – no not the kitchen window (that looks at the surf/coast). This was taken just a couple of km’s away.

    Flem – I think soft light works regardless, but in saying that I invite you to have a tweak of this one in ‘lightroom’ etc and email it to me if you could. You never like my B%W’s so your PP skills may help me develop some myself in the future… 🙂

  5. Great spot Tony… if you have CS3 or CS4 the B&W adjustment layer is excellent and then you gray scale it and hit it with a Duotone. Works a treat.

  6. fantastic scene mate, and great shot BTW

  7. Yep nice simple shot I like it, good work Tony

  8. Matt – thanks for the tips mate, I’ll have to find time to give it a go and re-post it.

    Christian – thanks…still one of those spots you shoot and feel I feel that I need to go back to get the results I want…if you know what i mean…?

    Merv – thanks !

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