I have mentioned several times on here about Wilsons Prom. Some of you out there may not know the place..esp. our WAlian friends πŸ™‚ The ‘Prom’ is the southern tip of the mainland, one of the oldest National parks in Australia. A visit there and anyone can see why. With mountains,forests, majestic granite boulders and headlands adorned with white sandy beaches. Some of you may see some paralells with the southern WA coastline or even Mt. William,Flinders Is. and the Freycinet peninsula regions of Tassie…But one thing is for sure….there is nothing like this landscape for a heck of a long way on the mainland !

I am fortunate enough to live an hour up the road from the prom and love getting down there during the not so busy holiday periods. A recent trip just before christmas and the place was looking pristine and paradise ! I didn’t go there for photographic purposes this trip. So I took this quick hand held pan during the middle of the day after a swim just because the water and whole place looks so stunning !


β€˜Prom Paradise’ – 5 image stitch, Canon EOS 5D mkII.

~ by Tony Middleton on January 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “Prom…”

  1. Cool shot, Tony. It does look a lot like Esperance as you said. I wanted to visit ‘the prom’ while I was in Melbourne a few months back but never made it there. Will have to get down there sometime soon, it looks gorgeous!

  2. Tony this is awesome mate… perfect composition. Did it rain an hour later? I heard that`s where Crowded House came up with the song title `Four seasons in one day`!!!

  3. Stunning place, does look a bit like Esperance! Also like your new header image!

  4. Beau – it really is ! no matter where I travel whether it be Aist or abroad I always come home and go to the prom and it still is awesome ! Let me know next time you make it down to vic. πŸ™‚

    Michael – cheers mate…Nope it didn’t rain…though even when it does the mountains and forest there are spectacular. I have no idea about the crowded house story, but I heard it was inspired in Melbourne (?)

    Flem – thanks is stunning and I love it…I really should get there more often…I usually get there half a dozen or sohaving times a year and camp once or twice. I guess being lucky enough to have spectacular coastline on my doorstep may limit me getting there more.
    The header image is shot from outside my bedroom window..there’s powerlines, so I had to shoot it at about 200 or something and also clone some of them out…’s a view that I love watching the play of light across the hills morning and night and sometimes mists shroud the hill or descend down the gully as well.

  5. Hi Tony,

    What a wicked shot, the colour of the water reminded me of Esperance as the others said, but I also see parallels with Rottnest watar colour. Definitely have to put the prom on my must travel to list. πŸ™‚

    Jamie Paterson

  6. Love that water, reminds me of Croajingolong and SE NSW.
    I remember these pretty cool sand dunes just south of Yanakie.
    Nice asset in the back yard you have.

  7. My wifes sister lives in Inverloch. Will be there some time this year I think. The prom is awesome. Nice pic

  8. Jamie – cheers mate ! yeah get to the prom mate, it’s awesome !

    Tom – Croajingolong has some granite around points hicks – cape conran area so that might be the connection (?) And yep there is a cool dune field there – known as the Yanakie Isthmus.

    Christian – cool, not far away at all… let me know when you are over if you want to catch up/shoot or something.


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