Finally the heat is on in ‘Vicco’ today and tomorrow – so it’s been a morning of business admin’ garbage and I also put together this stitch. Just waiting for a friend to turn up and we are going for a walk down the beach (which I might add looks absolutely divine today !). I can’t wait to get in the water for a swim in the small (3ft/head high) surf !
This image is one I shot a few weeks ago in the nearby hills and rainforests. I took it from standing upon a massive old Eucalyptus Regnan (tallest flowering plant in the world). It had fallen many years ago but the rotting log still stood at about 8ft high and once up there I could set up and get a pan of the surrounding understory. I LOVE this place !

I’m off for a swim.. 🙂

rainforest 1

‘Treefern heaven’ – 5 image stitch, Canon EOS 5D mkII.

~ by Tony Middleton on January 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “rainforest…mmm….”

  1. Hey Tony,
    Good work mate this image is so sharp and GREEN

  2. Very crisp mate, nice and vibrant.
    Did you happen to feel the earth quake?

  3. Michael – cheers mate…it’s always hard t o get compositions in the tight confines of rainforests.

    Tom – thanks ! nah we very rarely feel them on the coast…even though there is a couple per year through the fault lines that run about 30-60km’s inland (the most active in Vic). The magnitude usually is such that they are only felt upto about 30km’s from the center.

  4. nice one Tony.
    love how many different shades of green there is throughout the image.
    these tree ferns really are fantastic

  5. nice mate, think you should get rid of the dead branch on the right, I like it though

  6. Stephen – cheers mate !

    Christian – thanks for the tip, I generally don’t do that sort of editing and consequently are not overly skilled in that area…which tool would you recommend using ? clone stamp ? healing brush ?


  7. Nice forrest shot mate ,
    Need to get some more forrest shot myself but very limited with forrests around here

  8. Cheers Kirk – get down to those Karri and Red tingle forests…whilst lacking ferns they still have their own unique quality.

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