Vic summer…

Everybody knows how variable the weather in Victoria can be. Summer is no exception – 2007-2008 NYE saw temps across the state in the 40C range with much of the state still over 30C at midnight !  This summer has been very cool…leaving most holiday makers and beach goers disappointed.  After doing some of my own forecasts I decided that on Friday there was a solid chance of summer snow in the mountains…So I headed off early that morning, gladly leaving work behind. Sure enough a couple of hours later in the alps there was some of  ‘the white stuff” ! Timing my arrival well with the arrival of colder air and precipitation a series of heavy snow showers followed. I love it when planning such as this comes off and you get to experience events that are a little out of the normal. In saying this, summer snow is not uncommon in Victoria (or Tasmania of course). With a the frequency of occurance being about once every 1-2yrs.  It’s not unheard of for temps in the same week to be in the 40’s below the mountains one day yet snow flurries another !

 After numerous walks through the sublime snowgum forests looking for compositions and getting cold (temps around -1 to -2C added to by windchill from the 40km/h winds) I thoroughly feel I got the most out of my day off.  Two days later it was finally warm and sunny again and I was to have a wonderful swim in the surf back home…only in Vic !


‘Summer snow’ – 5 image stitch, Canon EOS 5D mkII.

~ by Tony Middleton on January 5, 2009.

8 Responses to “Vic summer…”

  1. Great composition, Tony. Doesn’t look like it would have been an easy task to expose this one, but looks like you have done it well! I’m still yet to see snow in real life. It’s something I can’t wait to do!

  2. Thanks Beau ! I think part of the ‘secret’ is not to underexpose snow type shots – this leaves the snow not truly white…Hopefully you get to the snow next season.

  3. A beauty! Those snow gums in Victoria are just drop dead gorgeous. The trick with snow is overexpose about 1 to 1.5 stops as the snow fools the light meters, they’re always looking for 18% grey so all that white throws off the average.

    This is a 5d Mk II stitch?

  4. Very nice Tony,
    Great composition, and I like how it is just a sprinkle of snow.
    I will try an stay clear of the snow, I am enjoying the warmth.


  5. Looks like the calm before the pending storm, either a dark heavy downpour or smoke clouds and fire storm. Great images.. would dcertainly like the cooler temperatures back though.

  6. Flemming – This is 100% correct and you over expose it so that it is white in your photograph. And yep this is a 5image stitch from the 5D mkII.

    Tom – I agree…give me heat anyday…but if the opportunity to experience events such is there then I am in !

  7. awesome work Tony! great to hear your plan worked.
    had a similar experience myself involving 4 hours of driving late into the night, couple of hours sleep to climb the peak. and then drive home straight after. it worked, I got snow (in WA) and it was all worth it! 🙂

    this is stunning. the slight dusting of snow on the trees is beautiful.
    and then the fog adding to the atmosphere even more. you must be glad you went up there that’s for sure!

  8. Thanks Stephen ! Congrats on the day you had as well. It certainly beat another crappy weather day on the coast !

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