Florence falls…

 Well it has been a while since I have had a chance to post or even look at anything. Now that I’ve had the chance to put together another stitched image that I took recently at Florence falls in Litchfield NP, NT. This spot is very popular especially in the dry season when tourist numbers are higher. So even though I generally turn away from shooting or posting shots from ‘icon’  locations I thought I would add this seen as it’s one that I have put together from my new 5D mk II  🙂

 This is a location that I have been to so many times and I just love swimming here !  The heat and humidityof the top-end in November-early December has to be experienced to be believed (kimberley,gulf and cape can be similar) . So this makes getting to places with water that you can swim in and not be lunch for a salty or shark pretty much a priority most days ! The water is so fresh and just the right temperature you don’t want to leave and walk back up out of the gorge onto the baking rock dominated plateau above.

Whilst waterfall images are not everyone’s cup of tea (ie. Flemming and my sister) I still think they can make a great subject and more importantly I like to take them for memory sake of places I experience and enjoy. 

~ by Tony Middleton on December 31, 2008.

10 Responses to “Florence falls…”

  1. nice shot Tony.
    makes me want to swim right now!! 🙂
    i really like how you included the tree on the right.
    drew me into the shot more by making me feel like i’m there.

    i guess we just all have to wait for Flem to comment now hey…. 😛

  2. Well done Tony. I like the light on the water on the right side of the image, so we can see the rocks underneath the surface.

    I’ve been swimming in there, too… It was a great experience!

  3. Hi Tony, Nice shot of Florence falls, I went there last week and it isnt flowing much more that when you took this shot as the rain has been very minimal at the moment. I also went up to the other waterfalls as I am sure you did as well and the water was great too swim in as you mentioned. Great shot Tony, but I did take any from here as there was 2 bus loads of people in the water, so I left. I will post a shot when I get home in a couple of weeks. Casey.

  4. i believe the best part of the top end is being able to swim in all the various waterholes and oases. it’s so refreshing. anything (such as a photograph) that can bring back memories is worth celebrating. all you need is tyre tube, some sunscreen and you could laze there all day. nice work Tony

  5. TWO waterfalls????? 😀 Well, no waterfall rant from me today, you must be getting very bored with that so just a straight post!

    Good work getting a shot here with no tourists floating around! I guess the wet season helps, in the dry this spot is like Bondi beach! I also like the composition, been to Florence Falls a few times and it’s not the easiest of places to shoot. Your 617 worked great here. I reckon I would add a bit of post processing, I would warm the colours somewhat to bring out the rocks!

    Happy new year mate!

  6. nice composition Tony, I’m with Flemming too, I’d like to see the rocks a little richer in colour and maybe less pink. Hows that 5D hey!

  7. Stephen – I know what you meean ! It’s been a cold summer in southern Vic to date and today I went bushwalking in the snow !

    Beau – cheers mate, it certainly is a great spot to cool off and spend some time isn’t it !

    Casey – pity about the busloads hey, we passed two loads on our way back up…so we left just in time !

    Cain – very true mate…ahhhhh 🙂

    Flemming – thanks mate ! This one is actually a 5image stitch from the 5D mkII… I agree about the rocks looking a bit flat, I thought that at the time of putting it together…I guess I’m just used to beautiful Velvia… 😉

    Christian – Thanks heaps for your thoughts and input…I’ll have a go at playing with it when I get a chance.

  8. Perfect exposure of the waterfall mate.
    And the leaves in the foreground are awesome.

  9. cheers Tom ! I composed it as such to try and give the feel of the rainforest below the falls and to also crop out the sky which would have ‘blown’ regardless.

  10. I have just updated this post with an image with the rocks given a little more ‘punch’. 🙂

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