the escape !

On a recent trip to the Northern Territory after a HOT walk back from some very refreshing rockpools we emerged from the bush and begun to head to our planned overninght camping area when we came across this mass of storms dumping heavy rain over the area we had planned to camp at that evening ! So we did an about turn and backtracked about 40km for the night.
So armed with my new EOS 5DmkII, I took a series of images and this is the result from a 5image stitch.


‘the escape’ – 5 image stitch, Canon EOS 5D mkII.


~ by Tony Middleton on December 23, 2008.

8 Responses to “the escape !”

  1. Thanks for posting this Tone, we’ve been waiting impatiently since seeing your new header! It’s a brilliant shot, you picked a good spot as well with the road going down and into the photo. Where’s this in Kakadu ?

    How big is the final stitch?

  2. Very dramatic looking and I like the story that goes along with it. I can’t wait to get back to the NT one day. So many good photo ops. Looking forward to seeing some more of your photos from the 5D mkII!

  3. Nice mate, love the reds, I am yet to experience the red sands.
    It looks hot and sticky after reading about heat and rain, the dry western plains of Victoria are great, so dry and no humidity.

  4. Very cool image Tony … LOve the dramatic feel to it. Look forward to more in 09 with your mrk II .. Merry Christmas.

  5. great shot Tony.
    you’re gona get some nice shot’s with your new toy!

    yeah i agree Tom… humidity = YUCK!!!!
    give me a dry 40 deg any day 🙂

  6. Flem – Thanks mate ! I for memory think the final stitchs on this one ended up being about a 780MB tif.

    Beau – cheers mate, I would have written more if I hadn’t been so exhausted of late…

    Neal – thanks! all the best in 09 too 🙂

    Tom – yep it certainly was hot and humid…which equates to a chance of storms. Unlike dry and hot. Storms for me please 🙂

    Stephen – thanks also, it’s a pretty handy light meter. 😉
    Though I agree with me….heat + humidity = storms = YUM.
    all the best in 09 !

  7. Superb image, nature at it’s best!!! I love the red dirt contrasting with the green trees and bush.

  8. Cheers Damien – yeah the contrasts in this one make it stand out.

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