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My current header image is a quick stitch from my 5DmkII taken last week. It was a spectacular scene that is for sure and we consequently decided to change our camping location with that sitting over the area we were going to stay at that evening !

WordPress seems to be having problems with the inserting of images being clickable from thumbnail to fullsize images AGAIN ! It has just taken me a while to fix the coding on my previous post. I might post in this image when more time prevails…gotta go to work !


~ by Tony Middleton on December 17, 2008.

8 Responses to “header image”

  1. Nice Aussie bush scene Tony, would like to see it as a post.

  2. Great header shot Tony, I like how you have use the sweeping road as a lead to the dark clouds in the background along with the contrast of the green and red of the area. Another great shot Tony.

  3. thanks guys – I’d like to find time to go through some shots properly and post more but work is just absolutely ridiculous in the lead up to xmas and I’m just buggered of the night atm…coming soon hopefully !

  4. I love it Tony but that’s no surprise 🙂 It’s exactly the sort of outback setting that is just magic to me. Look forward to seeing some more from your trip!

    Just quit that work mate, after I quit my job I found I have heaps more time on my hand 🙂

  5. hey Flemming,
    thanks mate – thought you might like it…It’s a bit of a pity that the header image crops things so narrow sometimes.

    Quit my work ? unfortunately something has to pay off my awesome beach house… speaking of which – I’ve gotta go !

  6. Tony can you post your header shot on RB so we can see the full Image, cheers.

  7. pure nastiness! and the 5D MkII, sweet. enjoy!

  8. thanks guys ! Casey I’ll try to find time in the coming days to post this image somewhere !

    Cain – pity about the NW QLD job mate…but good to ‘see’ you back !

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