cool temperate…

 Well after what seems an eternity not updating here I have not had time to sort through any recent images from my trip to the NT and or from my 5D mkII !  slack you may say….but life just gets very hectic sometimes ! So those of you waiting to see some digi 5D images from me may have to wait just a little longer I’m afraid.  Flemming may have to endure another image that has water and gravity combining forces…  😉

 So here’s an image from late November taken from Gippsland’s beautiful cool temperate rainforests. Majestically towering over the creek is a myrtle beech tree – their pinate leaves are to adore whether they are fallen in a carpet of rustic confetti over the forest floor or the vibrance and range of their colours during new seasons growth.  In this photograph the creek is running a little brown due to heavy overnight rains preceding this moment in time.


‘cool temperate rainforest’ – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.

~ by Tony Middleton on December 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “cool temperate…”

  1. Love all the different shades of green, and the exposure is spot on. I like your work… I’m adding you to my blog roll.

  2. Nice Tony,
    Love how you placed the Tree-fern down the bottom right looking onto it. Where about is this? As I wouldn’t mid getting to Tarra Bulga with my camera one day.

    Also some tall ash shots with Tree-ferns is what Im after.

  3. especially love the bottom half of this Tony.
    just magic! the fern is awesome as the focal point.

  4. great shot Tony, wish we had some forests like that in WA.

  5. Beau – cheers mate ! I’m glad you like it 🙂

    Tom – thanks mate – Tarra is frikken awesome ! we had a farm just near there a few years fact I was there on the w/e ! 🙂

    Stephen – cheers, Yep I wanted that to be a kep point of detail.

    Christian – thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean…I recall when in the SW WA forests constantly thinking..’where the hell are all the ferns etc?’ The karri and red tingles are incredible but it was a bizarre feeling being there without the lushness of ferns and other rainforest species.

  6. love it tony
    Nice composition love the furn in the bottom as christian said which we had some places like this in wa

  7. That G617 is nice. Been wanting to get into panoramic stuff for a while now.


  8. Kirk – cheers mate, I’m glad you like it too. 🙂

    Chris – thanks, the G617 is pretty awesome and prduces fantastic images.

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