from the mountains to the sea.

After the last couple of posts being from the alps I thought it is only fitting to add another from the coast. I can’t post all my outback or desert images at once on here otherwise I’d have none left.

This one was taken recently in early November before work one morning. During this time we had a spectacular run of brilliant twilights. With it now getting light before 5am and dark just after 9pm this means outside of work (that horrible thing that pays the bills and for my photography/travel addiction), photography can take up a lot of the remaining day and night. I find when things click together like this – even at ‘home’, that I am so captivated and inspired by what is around me that I would run myself beyond ragged as to not miss out on one second of light or moment in time.

 In this composition I surrendered myself to the sun – in saying this, I mean that I done something that I have rarely done…and that is to shoot into or include the sun. How could I resist against this unbelievable orange blast from the heavens ?


‘orange blast’ – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.


~ by Tony Middleton on December 1, 2008.

11 Responses to “from the mountains to the sea.”

  1. What’s this mate, I miss the outback shots 🙂 It’s an amazing sunrise so I fully understand you shot it! I agrea about the sunrises and sunsets themselves often being boring, it’s the light they provide it’s not the sunrises and sunsets themselves. But when the light show is this amazing, what can ya do but swing the camera around and shoot!

  2. fantastic Tony. simply stunning colours. very nice foreground which is what makes the sunrise into an interesting image.

  3. Awesome colour mate.
    I like how you went the vertical composition too as it captures so much colour.
    What exposure length was it if you recall?


  4. Flemming – yep exactly ! how could I not take one of a sky that flaming ? !

    Stephen – thanks mate, glad you like it also.

    Tom – cheers, for memory it was perhaps 50seconds…

  5. Havent checked this blog in a looooong time. Good to know your still spillin’ out the incredible stuff. Good on ya.

  6. your pretty damn good at this huh????? 😉
    love that foreground! This shot would be hard to re create on digital thats for sure!

  7. Beautiful shot Tony. Colour only slide could replicate.

  8. Great shot mate love the colors from it

  9. Stakky – cheers, keep on stopping by. 😉

    Dylan – shucks – thanks mate. I get real satisfaction from shooting 6×17. (both mediums have pro’s and cons IMO)

    Matt – thanks and very true ! I also think ‘depth’ or ‘less 2D’ appearance is more achievable with slide.

    Kirk – cheers, you should see some of these originals – they look awesome !

  10. This just rocks!!!!!

    Jamie Paterson

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