desert chasm

 Most people aim to be at this chasm at midday so they can see or photograph the sunlight hitting the floor. I deliberately chose NOT to be there at that time of the day. Perhaps it’s just me (?) but I really don’t see the point of travelling distances to see nature’s wonders amidst a sea of people – crowds belong in cities,festivals,parties and football games. Where the bustle and atmosphere they create makes the event even greater – not here where nature’s work speaks for itself. 

 So I find myself here…after the buses have long gone. The place is tranquil – the birds have returned. The light has now softened and is bouncing off the giant red rock walls all around me. I take time to sit and watch all around my location. It is moments like this where as a photographer I ‘feel’ the environment that I’m priviledged to experience. For me landscape photography is not just about the image – it’s about the experience. There are so many emotions at play as all my senses are inhaling what is around me. On this occasion the solitude of this eroded chasm in the desert and the magic of light are what had me spellbound – and spellbound I was.


Standley chasm – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.

~ by Tony Middleton on October 27, 2008.

9 Responses to “desert chasm”

  1. Brilliantly written mate, I feel exactly the same way! Crowds do not belong here where nature rules; it is a place for solitude for taking it all in slowly and letting nature work it’s magic. No people, no distractions.

    The lights is beautiful in this shot (did you just visit the red centre?) but perhaps it could somehow benefit from just a bit different composition or one more element or something. Foreground is perhaps a bit empty.

  2. hello Tony, the amber glow on the walls here is far better than on the ground. following from Flaming Bo, did you have the ability to tilt your camera upwards more or were there details you wanted to isolate? unfortunately i didn’t have a decent camera back in ’06 when I visited her with Bec. we walked through the chasm and got lost for a while on the tracks out the back. there is some awesome views to be had out there of the range.

    I started a wordpress blog after seeing yours and a few others on the net. i figured it is far better to organise a few collections and stories on here than on rb.

    cheers, Cain

  3. Nice shot mate ,
    Im the same hate crowds , was bad enough beening in Syndey trying to take some shots of the Sydney Opera house 🙂

  4. thanks Flemming – I was in central Aust earlier this year. I have some digi snapshots with myself in the foreground…other than that there is not much else to compose into the scene. I guess that is part of the reason I wanted the solitude type feel to the shot.

  5. Hi Cain – thanks for stopping in and dropping a comment ! Your blog is a great read mate.
    If I composed more ‘up’ then the chasm opens up somewhat and I’d get a nasty white’blown’ crevice creeeping down in the shot. So I preferred the emphasis to be more on the rocks and soft light.

  6. cheers Kirk – it’s terrible sometimes isn’t it ! You have been doing some fantastic work of late . 🙂

  7. Well said Tony. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s a beautiful capture.

  8. Nice portrait Tony,
    Love the walls, and the lighting it would be nice to have a little more.

    I seem to try and avoid everyone too, makes life easier not have distractions around. When I turn up to a popular location and the carparks has a fe cars there, I usually take off elsewhere.

    As Flemming said “Foreground is perhaps a bit empty” I was just thinking a vignette to draw the main focus on the cliffs.


  9. Thanks Scott – I’m glad you like it.
    Thanks Tom – a vignette on it may work, good idea.

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