Powlett reflections

 Occasionally there are treats to be had. For different people it’s different things – but for myself it is often free, the gift of experiencing moments in time,light and nature. On this occassion it’s the combination of a dead calm morning and a high tide at the mouth of the Powlett river.

Powlett reflections – Fuji G617, Velvia 100F.

~ by Tony Middleton on October 22, 2008.

13 Responses to “Powlett reflections”

  1. When all the elements come together! What a beautiful shot and beautiful morning, can just picture sitting there. Also I like the composition of not having anything in the foreground, a style I use often myself. It makes it slightly more abstract and doesn’t give away the position of the camera making the river seem endless.

  2. Nice simple composition.
    How do you make such a sandfly and mosquito infested quagmire looks so tranquil? The the only problem with that coast is its parasites including the ticks.

    Great colour and great light Tony, awesome.

  3. hi Flemming – I’m glad that you like it. Even though it is not an outback shot ! Seriously though I always appreciate and welcome your feedback. There is actually another composition there that I like even more than this. It just doesn’t quite work with my 6×17 that’s all.


  4. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the comment mate.
    I’m not sure you know where this actually is (?)
    I live on this coast and can assure you it has next no sandflies,few mozzies,no parasites (other than tourists) and no ticks…


  5. Great reflection Tony ,
    Mornings are deffinatly the best time to shot but are always hard getting out of bed espically if its cold .
    Just on an off topic question do you know where you can still get Fuji Velvia film had a friend ask me and he couldnt seem to find any

  6. I think dawn is almost always better than sunset, even if it hurts to get up that early. I can’t help but think that the Australian landscape is best seen wide, like this.

  7. My recollections of the Venus Bay area include sandflies & mozzies.

  8. Hi Cody – you are definitely right about the panoramic format for Australia. I think it also suits parts of the USA well too.

  9. Tom – Well I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of Venus either…this was taken some 50odd km’s away. I hope you have a more enjoyable trip if you visit again…

  10. My god Tony that is just amazing, I love it. The composition, the lighting and the exposure are all spot on, great shot Tony.

  11. Great shot Tony… perfectly shot and composed.

  12. Thanks Casey – I’m glad you like it ! It’s funny how sometuimes you head out with a shot in my mind and come back with something totally different. That was the case here !

  13. Cheers Matt – It is always great to read your opinions.

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