outback ranges,spinifex and ghost gums…

 Well It’s taken me what seems an eternity to sort through images I took a couple of months ago on my trip through Qld and the NT.

 This one was once again taken in remote country in outback Qld.  I got up real early and hiked through the spinifex up to the top of a rocky outcrop. It’s fantastic country – one of rocks,spinifex and ghost gums. It reminds me a lot of the Pilbara in WA – gawd..I must get back there one day ! There I sat waiting for the first show of the day… ‘The unfolding of light’ – What a spectacular show !   Not a cloud in sight, yet still I sat in awe as the light softly caressed the ridges and rises and was supressed in the valleys and hollows. There I sat for what felt like I was the only person within a thousand miles ! The soft light becoming luminous as it highlighted the majestic Quartzite ridge and a ghost gum near the center of this frame. I’d name it…but this place doesn’t have a name…but it has a place in my heart. I took 4 frames this particular the morning – It must have been good !  (and some happy snaps on my P&S digi).

 quartzite ridge – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.

~ by Tony Middleton on October 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “outback ranges,spinifex and ghost gums…”

  1. I love it every time you post your outback shots mate, I think we share the same deep love and fascination with the remote outback. I love this shot and your description, I experienced the same in the Kimberley getting up before dawn and walking into the bush. It may be rocks, spinifex and ghost gums but I call it magic.

    Your link is missing from the thumb btw; should be: https://tonymiddleton.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/glowing-ridge-i1.jpg

  2. Thanks Flem ! It’s fixed now. I didn’t even realise the broken link on this one as I have had other issues with it appearing ‘flat’ once uploaded. This is regardless of whether it has been saved as sRGB or RGB… grr.
    It’s the magic of nature I reckon – and I love it in all it’s forms. 🙂

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