ghost gum…

Having had to reformat my computer twice in a less than a week was a bit tedious to say the least !  But it looks like things are back running well, so I’ve put together a few more scans/images. 

 I’ve been playing around with various borders/frames and text lately and I find it near on impossible to find fonts that I like – especially for vertical images…

Another thing – is that I always keep a keen botanical eye on what’s around me…perhaps it’s due to my sister being a botanist at Melbourne university and whenever we are out bush it’s like a field trip and there is so much to learn…whatever the reason !     So when I spotted a somewhat of a lone ghost gum away from any sign of a creek bed it caught my eye. A standout icon and something I could possibly compose a photograph around at a later date. Backdropped by the majestic western Mac’s it was the following day that it came together – here it is !

ghost gum – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.


~ by Tony Middleton on September 16, 2008.

12 Responses to “ghost gum…”

  1. Wow Tony what a great shot once again.

  2. Nice shot mate ,
    Yeah i have trouble finding fonts i like in photoshop got to get around to downloading some more one day

  3. cheers Casey and Kirk 🙂

    That’s what I ended up doing Kirk – it still took ages going through lists of fonts and still hard to find anything that I liked…

  4. Very nice shot mate, love the colour.

  5. Great shot Tony…. sounds like your a PC owner. Time to see the light and get yourself a Mac and say good bye to all those common PC problems.

  6. Thanks Tom and Matt.
    I know mac’s are the best for imaging but I have to admit that one is down my priority list atm…I’d rather go on a holiday. 🙂 lol

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; love your 617 outback shots and keep em coming!
    Solitary trees always work well I feel and especially here with a ghost gum and the gorgeous blue of the sky and reds of the earth. Brilliant!

  8. thanks Flemming ! I’m glad you like it. I inspected countless ghost gums over thousands of kilometers looking for one that was isolated such as this.

  9. Yeah I know, shots like these look easy to people and they don’t realise the outback is incredibly messy and chaotic when you’re talking composition. Takes forever to find a solitary tree like this. I still haven’t found a solitary boab tree in the Kimberleys!

  10. Very true Flemming – they often grow in abundance in ‘groves’. One trip up the Victorian high country I searched endlessly for a photogenic snow gum (Eucalyptus Paucifolia). Seriously I saw hundreds of thousands of them as my eyes scouted everywhere I drove and walked… Finally in amongst all these trees there was one that appeared to be screaming to be photographed. I think as landscape photographers/nature lovers we take real note of things like this – I do anyway ! As in amongst the hundreds of thousands of hectares of trees up there I could lead you to a specific speciman that I feel has something extra ‘special character’. Yet in a photograph it appears an easy shot to find and make…

  11. Very nice capture Tony. Would love to go bush one day and try and capture some images like this. Would you like to exchange blog links?

  12. Certainly Neal – I would also like to get back out to this type of country again…ahh… 🙂

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