coastal dreaming…

FINALLY ! ! After days of not being able to upload images here it looks to be working at last !

Ok here’s another coastal shot as I still try to find time to sort through more from my recent travels.

Once again this place is not to well known or frequented..It’s only accessible on half tides or lower and involves a bit of a coastal walk/scramble on a rugged coastline that constantly ‘changes direction’, so therefore a bit of an educated gamble on whether the light will be sublime or not well in advance. On this occasion it didn’t quite come off – just a tiny bit of wrong cloud in the wrong spot at the wrong time. So a change of ‘tact’ from a sunset shoot to a ‘moody scene’ and I made this exposure.


coastal dreaming  – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.


~ by Tony Middleton on August 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “coastal dreaming…”

  1. Always love to see your 617 shots! A coastline that changes directions is an interesting concept 🙂 Know what you mean though, we’re all trying to predict the light and weather!

    It’s a lovely shot, the water looks fantastic on the rocks. I somehow feel like panning a bit to the right to see what’s over there.

  2. Thanks Flemming – It was a bit of a litracy blank there in the wording of coast changing direction…haha

    I feel I have a pretty good grapple on atmospheric conditions after 10+ years of stormchasing over a lot of Australia – I just get a little fussy with light, and quite often marginal set ups yield the best results – but they also present a higher bust ratio! So this gamble is increased when lengthy hikes etc are added to the equation. 🙂

    As for what’s to the right…? nothing too exciting – hence it’s not in the composition and I felt it better balanced as is instead of more ‘dark’ cliffs in the left of frame.

    I hope all this makes at least as much sense as the coast that changes direction. 😉

  3. Nice one Tony,
    Love the purple tinge, how long was the exposure?
    I cant wait till I get further south to Tathra so I can get somee nice shots like this.

  4. Thanks Tom – would you believe this is a 30 minute exposure ?!
    Lucky the scenery is so nice otherwise it could be very boring..

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