rugged ranges,spinifex and termites

I was going to post a different image to this one but then looked down my page and saw most were seascape/water based images…well…I do live on the beach ! So here’s something recent and and in stark contrast.

 I was in rugged remote country about 1500km NW of Brisbane – no one else about…my sort of place ! Whilst exploring the region earlier in the day I had spotted this large isolated red termite mound and put it ‘in the memory bank’ for a possible composition. As the sun descended an amazing bit of luck occurred as the elements came together and the last of the sun’s rays continued to shine through the gap/gorge that had been eroded through the ridgeline to the west – hilighting the termite mound and surrounding spinifex. It was very special to witness and something I feel so lucky to have been the only one to see!

Spinifex and termites – Fuji G617, Velvia 50.


~ by Tony Middleton on August 18, 2008.

11 Responses to “rugged ranges,spinifex and termites”

  1. Gorgeous light and scene! Almost look like you’re using a very big powerful flash light. The 617 original must have incredible detail with the spinnifex grass and trees. This is a very nice outback shot and yes, a nice change from all the seascape 🙂 I love the outback stuff so keep ’em coming!
    Did you by any chance shoot another shot with a tighter composition, meaning closer to the termite mound?

  2. hi Flemming,
    I took 2 more shots but the composition was similar – just different phases of the light (earlier) as I didn’t realise this ‘shard’ was going to shine right up on ‘my’ termite mound. I have plenty other outback,rainforest and mountain shots but something just compells me towards water – preeferably moving water…*insert freaky twilight zone tune*

    I’ll post more over the coming weeks.

    thanks !

  3. Fantastic shot Tony… Its when you get out bush and into these remote area’s that photographers get original images. As anyone can take a shot of Sydney, the Opera House, Ayres Rock etc. But gems like this are unique. Great light and composition. I think getting closer wouldnt be as nice. This shot has a nice even look to it.

  4. Thanks and that’s very true Matt ! I just love being where few others it compliments things and my photography well.
    I remained at that distance keeping in mind the 3m min.focus on the G617 and wanting to keep the significance of the light ‘shard’ with the lesser lit foreground…If that makes sense. 🙂

  5. I’d like to add another frame from this scene but I’d have to try and re-scan it, as it’s a few minutes earlier and has more sunlit spinifex. It’s very vibrant yellow and blows out losing the detail when I scan it. I’m sure it can be done with level adjustments or something…

  6. I agree with Matt, it’s when you go off-track and go remote that you get the real original and interesting keepers.
    Tony, do you have your own 617 scanner ?

  7. Yeah Flemming – my scanner has different ‘trays’ so that you can scan all formats. Not the most expensive scanner in the world but seems to do a pretty good job in general.

  8. Nice one Tony,
    I like the simple compostition and the red termite mound popping up out of the yellows is great.

    Well done.

  9. cheers Tom – I’m glad you like it. 🙂

  10. Tony… flat bed or tray scanners do a well enough job to get you out of trouble (small prints, web display) but when your shots are scanned like on a system like an Imacon you will be surprised at the next level of detail / Dmax and colour quality you will get from your tranny.
    Drop me an email if you want a few test scans done on my Imacon 343.
    All my work at are all scanned on my Imacon. 75″ inch wide prints come up clear and crisp.

  11. cheers Matt ! Sounds good and I may just take you up on that offer when time permits…

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