Jetty fog

Well with my trip just about over and reality beckoning (this means going back to work..) I have a chance to finally do something on my blog !

As a complete contrast to the landscapes that I have travelled recently (Nth Qld/Gulf savannah – central Australia) I am putting up a recent image from back near home…

Taken during a succession of foggy mornings in May before I left.This is one of two ways that I had visualised I would like to represent this fairly well photographed jetty. The sun was rising and casting a pale yellow colour through the thinning fog. It is only a small jetty and it is actually pretty hard to compose it with the fixed 105mm on my Fuji G617. I quite like the result – thoughts ?

Inverloch jetty  -  Fuji G617, Velvia 100F.

Inverloch jetty – Fuji G617, Velvia 100F.


~ by Tony Middleton on August 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Jetty fog”

  1. Hi Tony, great to see your back and I look forward to seeing some of your work when you get it processed. Great shot and nice composition on a morning I am sure was freezing cold down there.

  2. Thanks Casey ! I have so many other things that I will need to sort out before photography so it may be a little while…but it will happen !

  3. Hi Tony, welcome back and I look forward to your photos from your trip!

    Fog can be so incredible for atmosphere but not always for colours. I think I would try black and white with this shot – or lower the white balance to make it much more blue.

  4. Nice to see your back Tony hope you had a productive trip 🙂
    look foward to seeing your shots ,
    Nice shot I like the POV

  5. Hey Flemming – thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated. Black and white could work for sure ! but it is the fact that the colour/yellow hues are there on the original tranny that I like about this for a ‘fog- shot’. Perhaps I am just a bit bored of the ‘typical fog hues’ I photographed this year… hehee

    Best of luck with your latest Aus-adventure – I look forward to following it.

    As a coincidence my sister just recently married a guy from Copenhagen…so for me it’s fantastic seeing your representations and writings from there – thanks !

  6. Cheers for stopping by with your thoughts Kirk 🙂

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