overcast and blowing a gale…

Wilsons Prom is one of the few places that is photogenic in practically any conditions. If it’s not the beaches, it may be the mountains with mists or the forest,rocks and rivers. It doesn’t matter where I have travelled and how spectacular it is… I always come home and get down ‘the prom’ – the place never disappoints me.   🙂


Tidal river   –  Fuji G617, Velvia 100F.

~ by Tony Middleton on May 31, 2008.

14 Responses to “overcast and blowing a gale…”

  1. Hi Tony, I spent a weekend photographing the Prom and I didn’t even consider shooting from the foot bridge, Great shot.

  2. thanks Casey ! I hope you enjoyed your time at the prom !(?) Seen as the bridge there is so close to everyone, it’s one of those spots where every man and his dog bring their P&S digi and point it randomly at the sky or something for a ‘sunset photo’, give you strange looks then press on. The above shot was taken at sunset (not that there was much of a one ! ) It was bitterly cold for the time of year and I had preconceived the idea of water making lines in the river from another time.


  3. I did get some nice shots from the footbridge a few weeks ago…but I’m only using a Canon S5 IS…I’m ready to upgrade.

    I’ll be back at the Prom on Saturday to take some more shots…went to Big Drift last weekend.

    Love your work,

    All the best,

    P.S. Do you make a living from selling your photographs?


  4. Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth – sorry about the lengthy response time as I am cureently travelling in Nth Qld.

    I hope your shots came out well (?)

    Big drift is a pretty awesome spot and I’d love to get some better photographs there myself someday…

    No I don’y make a living from photography…unless you want to help me out ! 🙂

    tone 🙂

  5. Perfect time of year for North Qld. Wish I was there.

    I’m getting some magnificent shots of the prom, especially around twilight…and I did meet someone there last weekend who does make a living from selling her photos…the tips she gave me were priceless!

    Tidal River is flooded…boardwalks under water…climbed Mt Oberon for the first time…back there again soon.

    See ‘ya


  6. Great to hear you are getting some good results Elizabeth 🙂
    The term ‘golden hour’ certainly exists for a reason.. I look forward to viewing some of them.

    Who is she and does she have an online portfolio ? As I would be curious to see some other local talent/work – It’s always good to see how other interpret things/places.

    tone 🙂

  7. The photographers name is Andrea Robinsone…they are still on holidays in Victoria and I’m sure it will take a while before her shots of The Prom are published to the site…but the link to her image gallery is at http://www.imagesbyandrea.com.au/index_files/Page439.htm

    As for me…I’ve only owned a digital camera for 4 months, but I learn really fast…tell me what you think…the link to the slideshow on my South Gippsland website is south-gippsland.com/slideshow.htm

  8. Thanks for the info and link Elizabeth – she has some wonderful images.

    You are learning fast and certainly have covered some territory within Sth Gippy…from which I ascertain you live in the region.. (?)

    tone 🙂

  9. Yes – I live in Foster…and also have a passion for this area after moving out here from the city. The community is incredibly supportive.

    By the way, have you ever turned your pics into postcards, calendars etc or do you just sell the prints?

  10. Nice shot Tony ,
    Didnt reliase you had a blog going as well
    Thanks for the link just add you on mine as well

  11. Thanks Kirk !
    Yeah I’ve had it going a few months now but haven’t had much time or internet access as I’ve been travelling the last couple of months.
    Thanks heaps for stopping by.

    tone 🙂

  12. Excellent Elizabeth – great to hear you like the region, I also feel it has a lot to offer.

    I have a portfolio and work available online at http://killywx.redbubble.com/
    I need to find more time to put into the ‘site’ as I’m not overly happy with how it is set up on there still but regardless,feel free to browse or purchase… *hehee*

    tone 🙂

  13. Man – I just found your stuff on Red Bubble before I saw this post…I’m speechless.

    I’ve just released a range of postcards for the South Gippsland area (because the local businesses are wanting more than the narrow range that’s being offered)…if I had seen your stuff first, it probably would have scared me off taking the plunge into another business ADventure!

    I’ve also noticed how the photographs are enhanced by the way you use the borders too. I’ve built a website at http://south-gippsland.biz/ and think I might make some changes after seeing what you’ve done…but gee, you’ve really spun me out now!

    Fortunately I have some marketing skills up my sleeve…and being able to construct my own websites makes it much easier too.

    Still spinning though…


  14. thanks for the compliments Elizabeth ! The site looks good and best of luck with the cards. I hope to get some time to venture down that way sometime soon… 🙂

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