Peaceful fog

Just thought I would add a recent image of mine to here. Taken on a cold foggy morning down the river. Everything was so still,serene and peaceful – just magic in a natural monotone. I Saw a spoonbill systematically feeding in their usual circular manner from this little islet…I took off my shoes and socks and tried to ever so gently draw close enough to capture it’s presence in a photograph with my 6×17 camera which has the fixed 105mm lens. The water seemed almost relatively warm in comparison to the air temperature…but that would not have been hard ! I got close enough – set my tripod and was metering the scene whilst waiting for my ripples in the water to disappear…the majestic spoonbill had decided he had enough and took flight 100m down stream – argh !  not all was lost though as I  still felt the scene was pretty special regardless.

Peaceful fog  –  Fuji G617. Velvia 100F

~ by Tony Middleton on May 27, 2008.

One Response to “Peaceful fog”

  1. Tony I feel your pain on the shivering temperatures, as I took a shot of a few trees in the mist in SA. But what I do love is that you can take it with a color film and the photo looks black and white.


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